Putnam & Putnam was founded in 2014 by NYC’s preeminent floral designer Michael Putnam and husband Darroch Putnam. Their namesake brand is the go-to for discerning clients, as they offer flowers specially tailored for every occasion: editorial, weddings, fashion presentations and more.

Both artists in their own right, Darroch, a photographer by trade, and Michael, a formally trained interior designer, have built a global reputation for their romantic, dramatic designs and installations using color as their guiding principle. Their elegant and ethereal style has garnered the attention of clients like tastemakers Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Brandon Maxwell, and Beyonce, and brands like Bergdorf Goodman, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

In October 2018, Putnam & Putnam released their debut title, Flower Color Guide, the first reference book to organize flower types by color, with an emphasis on seasonality and creative color schemes. What Pantone is to color, Flower Color Guide is to flowers, showcasing 400 flowers at their peak, with stunning imagery styled by Michael and photographed by Darroch. The guide includes tips on flower care, notes on how to prepare vessels and a list of suggested color schemes.

On the heels of the Flower Color Guide, Putnam & Putnam created an online educational platform called the Putnam Flower Channel, the first of its kind. On their channel the Putnams have created video tutorials, a floral rendering tool, industry network, and index of all their favorite flowers they love to work with.

This year Darroch and Michael Putnam’s released Flower Color Theory – the only guide that uses color theory as inspiration for flower arrangements. The book features 175 arrangements that show myriad ways to combine flowers of different hues, all built around color schemes including analogous, complementary, monochromatic, triadic, transitional, and accent colors. Flower Color Theory is both inspirational and a guide to creating lush, romantic, and effortlessly elegant creations of your own.

Their first children’s book ‘A Rainbow Blooms’ is scheduled to publish fall 2021.

For all inquiries | info@putnamflowers.com